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invite all couples, nymphs, Goddesses, and service oriented men who... now is the time. This is your permission, which you never really needed, 
to ask for what you want!

To be considered for this event email with face pictures and a bit about you, your erotic experiences, and your motivations for joining us.

If we feel you will be a good fit you will get a link and then may proceed to registration. If you want to donate at the door let us know. We will add you to the  wait list and let you know if there is space.

Suggested Advance Donations
Ladies $40
Couples $80
Gents $100

Sign up on our mailing list  below for updates

Helpful Information - Please read before attending!!!!

What is Sinergy?

We are a sex positive event production company that promotes pleasure and enjoying our sensual nature in a group setting at fantastic events all around the Bay Area. 

We are in no way a "pay to play" event. 

Having guests with the right frame of mind and attitude is of utmost importance for these events. They are a celebration of the sacred in everything. We tend to focus on connection through music, food, theme, ritual/ceremony, workshops, and sexuality. That doesn't mean everyone there will be having sex with anyone and everyone. It also doesn't mean that everyone will be having sex in general. Lot's of people come just to have fun, be flirty, and see what happens. Maybe they only play with their partner and/or a chosen few. Some people enjoy being voyeurs when welcomed to do so. 


When you are connecting with others being giving, open, patient and respectful is always the way to go. If you are pushy, aggressive and more about only receiving you will not be desired and will likely be required to leave.

If you come as a couple, we ask that you play and leave as a couple too. If you come with someone and they are not feeling comfortable with the setting, you can both take your time and feel into the space. If you are patient and understanding with your partner they may settle in and find themselves at ease. Pushing your partner to participate or leaving them to try and play solo will never have positive results.

Single ladies are honored guests and we do everything in our power to make sure you feel safe and comfortable regardless of if you choose to watch from the sidelines, dip your toe in the pool, or dive into the deep end. We have both male and female Sinergy Crew members who can act as your play party buddy and keep an eye on you through out the night if you would like. We can also instruct you in techniques to create a safe container for you and anyone you may connect with. Please let us know immediately if anyone is coming off as to aggressive and we will deal with it immediately. This goes for couples as well. Help us help you have the most sexy uninhibited fun and feel secure doing so.

"The Sinergy events never fail to be awesome. The people are friendly, extremely sexy and playful. The hosts are great people and really ensure all are having a safe, great time. Did we mention the shows are amazing as well."


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