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Private Parties

Looking to have the wildest night of your life?
Trust our established crew of ethical sluts to arrange and orchestrate your dream party. We can take care of all the details or just some if you already have an event and want us to bring the sensual flair and flame. Options on our menu include but is not limited to venue, staff, Tantric presentations, BDSM demos, kinky shows, sex-positive workshops, DJ's, catering, fire dance, fire massage, and all other sorts of debaucherous offerings.
We can also help stage specific fantasies for couples or single females including  multiple male scenario/gangbang, cuckold, public sex, dungeon play, fucking machines, various role-play, and more.
Our intention and mission is to create an experience that leaves your jaw on the floor and to open peoples minds, hearts, and panties. Whether it's a big or small party... If you know exactly what you want or are a little vague... We can probably help either way. Send us an email and let us know what vision in your mind is burning a hole in your pants and maybe we can make it a reality.
Please note that none of this implies that we are a "pay-to-play" event production company. Everyone including our staff is obligated to nothing sexual and everyone who participates in any such acts are doing so as consenting adults. 

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